Genetic Diseases Diagnosis Center

Genetic is a branch of science that examines the characteristics and inherited traits of organisms, connects these characters to the generations, and investigates the structure and functions of the gene. S.B.Ü. Dr. Behçet Uz Pediatric Diseases and Surgery Training and Research Hospital Genetic Diseases Diagnosis Center started to serve in 2017 with the permission of the Ministry of Health and it has been officially licensed as of 2019.

Outpatient and laboratory services are provided in our Genetic Diseases Diagnosis Center.
All pediatric patients who are thought to have a genetic disease can refer to our outpatient clinic and appropriate genetic tests are planned after their evaluation.

In our molecular-based laboratory, DNA is examined with the new generation sequencing (NGS) method and sanger sequence analysis (64 NGS panels, 80 single gene analysis, clinical exom analysis).In addition, patients can admit to our center for genetic counseling regarding their genetic test results. A
Medical Geneticist (Filiz Hazan, MD.), a Pediatric Geneticist (Semra Gürsoy, MD.), a biologist and 3 lab technician are currently working at our center.