Doctor Behcet Uz laid the foundation of Dr.Behcet Uz Child Disease and Pediatric Surgery Training and Research Hospital in April 23, 1938. Despite financial impossibilities, Dr. Uz collected money for charity from Governorate, Municipality and public in the period of his mayoralty of Izmir and with the collected 30.000TL he began the construction whose estimated cost was 900.000TL.

When he was the minister of health, he persuaded Council of Izmir for the donation of the hospital to the Ministry of Health in October 21,1946. After the Ministry of Health overcame the deficiencies of hospital, he came to Izmir with the Prime Minister Recep Peker and brought the hospital into use. The Red Crescent of Turkey constituted the obstetrics department in 1954. In 1962 the division of pediatric infectious disease, in 1968 the division of orthopedics and traumatology and in 1975 an additional floor were established with the charity of The Fraternal Association of Izmir’s Hospital, various institutions and public. In this period the Ministry of Health augmented the staff of hospital.

The hospital began with 150 beds and in 1968 (within 21 years) reached the capacity of 550 beds with the contribution of various institutions and organizations. It still gives service with 368 beds.

More than a half century our hospital has been serving the children come from Aegean Region and various part of country, also it is a training hospital which graduated hundreds of pediatricians.

The hospital has an important role when Izmir has been getingt started to be a city of science and culture. Doctor Behcet Uz explained the role of our hospital with these words: “ The presence of children’s hospital was the ultimate trump when we explained the claim and necessity of Izmir to an university and propounded that we could immediately begin with establishing a medical faculty. The children’s hospital led to establishment of Ege University.”