Clinic of School Age Children and Adolescents

Clinic of school age children and adolescents is a clinic in pediatrics department which interests in the health problems of children between 6 and 17 years old. Diagnosis and treatment of the health problems of these children, related with general pediatrics are performed in this clinic.

Prof Özlem Bekem Soylu, Assoc Prof Çiğdem Ömür Ecevit and MD Cahit Barış Erdur are the staff of Clinic of School Age Children and Adolescents. All of these staff are also specialists in Pediatric Gastroenterology.  Clinic of School Age Children and Adolescents has an inpatient service with 12 beds in which children stay with their accompanying parents. There is also an educational general pediatrics polyclinic service belonging to this clinic to provide health service for outpatients.

In everyday of the week, with contribution of at least one educational staff and assistant doctors, there is an educational visit of the patients. In one day of the week literature discussion and seminars are performed. Again in one day of the week, confusing patients are discussed with radiology department in a common council.

In our hospital all pediatric assistants take education in our clinic at least four months. In polyclinic service days, they learn basic approaching, diagnostic and treatment algorithms. Assistant of pediatrics working in the inpatient service receive education in follow up, diagnosis and treatment of inpatients. Pediatric assistants take part in educational programs actively.