Nilüfer Gülnar

Specialist of Clinical Biochemistry

Birth Date: 1971

Birth Place: İZMİR      

Work Address: Dr.Behcet Uz Child Disease and Pediatric Surgery Training and Research Hospital-Medical Biochemistry  Laboratory-Izmir-TURKEY



Medical School: Dokuz Eylul University School of Medicine-İzmir- TURKEY (1992)

Specialty Training: Saglik Bilimleri  University Tepecik  Education and Research Hospital – Department of Clinical Biochemistry - Izmir-TURKEY (1994-1998)

IVF Education : Ege University IVF Unit – İZMİR (2006-2007)

Professional Experience:

-Saglik Bilimleri University İzmir Bozyaka Education and Research Hospital – Department of  Clinical Biochemistry - Izmir-TURKEY (1998- 2001)

-Malatya  Education  and Research Hospital-Medical Biochemistry Laboratory-Malatya - TURKEY ( 2001- 2013)

-Dr.Behcet Uz Child Disease and Pediatric Surgery Training and Research Hospital-Medical Biochemistry  Laboratory-Izmir-TURKEY ( 2013- )


Membered Societies :

1-Turkish Biochemistry Society

2-Turkish Society of Clinical Biochemistry



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PubMed  HI: 15