Prof.Dr. Ferah Genel, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nesrin Gülez, Pediatric Allergist Dr. Canan Şule Ünsal Karkıner and Pediatric immunology and allergy fellows MD Ömer Akçal, MD Selime Özen, MD İlke Taşkırdı, MD İdil Akay Hacı work as the staff of the Division of Pediatric Immunology and Allergy.

Our inpatient service includes 8 beds in 4 rooms which have special WC and bath. Children stay with their accompanying parents.

In pediatric immunology department follow-up, diagnosis and treatment of the  patients with immun deficiency are carried out. In our clinic, consultation of patients in other units, polyclinic services and daily treatment of our patients, in every day of the week are performed. Immunology laboratory services are provided by the medical biologist Murat Sürücü and our physicians. Lymphocyte subgroups, oxidative burst activity and leukocyte adhesion molecules, platelet function tests, leukemia immunophenotyping studies are routinely performed in the immunology laboratory by flow cytometry.

In pediatric allergy department evalutaion, diagnosis and treatment of asthma, allergic rhinitis, drug and food allergies, skin allergies (atopic dermatitis, urticaria) are carried out. In the polyclinic service, together with examination of the patients, epidermal and dermal skin tests, food and drug provocation tests, skin tests with anesthetics, patch tests and respiratory function tests and allergen spesific immunotherapies were performed. In pediatirc allergy monitorization room, monitors, oxygen, nebulizators, drugs used for emergent conditions exist. In this room drug and food provocation tests, allergen immunotherapy and treatment of asthma attack can be performed.