Palliative Care Unit

In 2018, the unit developed a project that enabled an increase in staffing levels to two paediatricians, eight nurses, one physiotherapist and a full-time social worker and psychologist. We can take care 17 children in our unit. The health professionals make their assessments and then put them all together to design a comprehensive, therapeutic plan according to common goals. This enables us to look at the patient and their family as a whole unit and to give them the best possible care.

The paediatricians are responsible for controlling symptoms, making decisions, managing the information and prescribing and plans the best treatment ın the conscıousness of the multidiciplinary study, whıch should requıre consultatıon from other branches. Part of the nurses’ role is to be aware of, and respond to, patients’ needs as well as making sure that their symptoms are controlled and providing healthcare education to our children’s families. The role of the social worker is to manage the social context and family dynamics when a patient is admitted to the palliative care unit (family structure, support network, socio-economic and employment situation), by detecting all the social factors that could disturb the patient care progress. The psychologist’s role is to help patients and their families to manage their emotional distress during the final stage of the disease. We also provide spiritual support, helping the family and child to understand their inner thoughts, to give voice to their questions and meaning to their answers, and to find elements of hope for every difficult moment. 

We work closely with healthcare services and schools, and because we try not to disrupt the children’s routine we can also visit them there. There is the best service and quality of life for all children needs life-end care.