Clinic of Pediatric Gastroenterology

Pediatric gastroenterology deals with digestive system. The digestive tract from mouth to anus, liver, pancreas and some diseases of spleen are in interest of pediatric gastroenterology. Since nutrients are digested and absorbed in gastrointestinal system, nutrition of healthy and ill children (clinical nutrition) is one of the main subjects of pediatric gastroenterology.

Prof Özlem Bekem Soylu, Assoc Prof Çiğdem Ömür Ecevit, and other pediatric gastroenterology specialists MD Cahit Barış Erdur, MD Gülin Eren and MD Sevim Çakar are the staff of Pediatric Gastroenterology Clinic of Dr. Behcet Uz Children’s Hospital. Pediatric gastroenterology outpatient clinic started to work in 2007 and now continues this mission with 5 pediatric gastroenterologists. Gastroenterology inpatient service was established in 2018 with 6 beds in which children stay with their accompanying parents.    

Endoscopic procedures are performed with two gastroscopes and two colonoscopes in our hospital. Liver biopsies are done with the support of radiology department for ultrasonographic guide when needed.

In four days of the week, gastroenterology outpatient clinics provide health service for outpatients and endoscopic procedures are performed in two days. One Wednesdays, with contribution of all the specialist staff and residents of the pediatric gastroenterology department, educational visit of the patients, literature discussion and seminars are performed. Again in one day of the week,complicated patients are discussed with pediatric surgery in a common council. Every day, consultation of patients in other units is carried out.