Tülin Erdem, M. D.



Specialist of Medical Microbiology 

Birth Date: 1972           

Birth Place: İZMİR        

Work Address: Dr.Behcet Uz Child Disease and Pediatric Surgery Training and Research Hospital-Medical Microbiology Laboratory-Izmir-TURKEY


Medical School: EGE University School of Medicine-İZMİR – TURKEY (1996) 


Antifungal against some types of essential oils Dermaphopytes and Candida species activity

Specialty Training: Medical School: 

Ege University School of Medicine-İZMİR - TURKEY Medikal Microbiology- Izmir-TURKEY  (1998 -2003) 

Professional Experience: 

Medical School:

 Ege University School of 

 Medicine- (2003-2004)

• Private sector     (2004 -2008)

 • Ministry of Health, BursaEducation and Research Hospital (2008 -2009)

• Dr.Behcet Uz Child Disease and Pediatric Surgery Training and Research Hospital-Medical Microbiology Laboratory-Izmir-TURKEY (since 2009)

Membered Societies :    Turkish Society of Microbiology


Differences Between Pediatric Extra-Pulmonary and Pulmonary Tuberculosis: a Warning Sign for the Future

F Devrim, T Erdem, G Gulfidan… - … journal of hematology …, 2014 - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

Background Tuberculosis (TB) remains a major global health problem. The childhood 
tuberculosis has some unique features different which makes the diagnosis more 
complicated. Here we described the epidemiologic, clinical and microbiologic features of ..

A Single Center's Experience with Candida parapsilosis Related Long-Term Central Venous Access Device Infections: The Port Removal Decision and Its Outcomes

…, S Tulumoglu, T Erdem, G Gamze… - Pediatric …, 2014 - informahealthcare.com

Pediatric cancer patients have an increased risk of potentially life-threatening fungal 
infections such as Candida parapsilosis, associated with long-term CVADs. The Infectious 
Diseases Society of America (IDSA) guidelines on Candida catheter-related bloodstream ...


Evalution of CMV Avidity test in CMV IgM  cases

Altuğlu İ , Zeytinoğlu A, 

Erdem  T, Özacar T , Bilgiç A 

Turkish Journal of Microbiology

(2003 33:71-73)


İnvestigation of susceptibilities of 

Myc tuberculosis  to 

Ethambutol ,İsoniazid , Rifampicin and Streptomycin by E test .

Çavuşoğlu C , Saydam C,

Gül S , Tunçel M, Erdem T