Pediatric Surgery Department

Since 1987,our clinic provides residancy education. 3 professor, 1 associated professor,  2 assiastant professor, 7 specialists works in our clinic. Currently, there are 13 residents.

Our pediatric surgery clinic serves to be on three floor of its own building  in the campus of Dr. Behçet Uz Hospital.There are 2 polyclinics on the ground floor, 41 inpatient treatment services  on the 1st  floor, 12 beds, two of which are intensive care units in burn unit on the 2nd  floor, 1 septic room and 6 beds in pediatric surgery intensive care unit on the 3rd floor.

In our clinic morning visit starts at 8:30 am and after that  operations begin. In the course of the day, the additional examinations and interventions scheduled in the moring visit, are carried out and daily baths and dressings are made in the burn unit. In the evening , the daily evaluation visit is made at 15:30 pm. The transfer of the night shift is carried out and transferred to the operator and resident physicians of the night shift of the day at 17:00 pm.

In our clinic,  literature representations and seminars are organized with the participation of guest lecturers either from other branches or pediatric surgery on every Wednesday.