The primary mission of Dr.Behçet Uz Children’s Hospital Transfusion Center is to provide the blood components supplied by Regional Blood Bank and pre-and postranfusional  immunohematology tests  to assure a safety transfusion for all patients.

Although the center doesn’t do blood drives it does closely monitor supplies it gets from Turkish Red Cressent Regional Blood Center.

Although the center does’nt do blood drives it does closely monitör supplies for addition,  artificial whole blood preparation for exchange transfusion,division of components for pediatric usage and gama irraidation of blood components are routinely performed in the transfusion center. As having a thalassemia diagnosis& treatment center in the hospital, transfusion center staff have hard work  on transfusion needs of thalassamic patients.

Blood group typing, compatibility tests, Coombs tests, are routinely performed in the immunohematology laboratory and advanced immunohematological procedures such as determination of ABO variants, partial D and irregular red cell antigens and elution tests are also performed when  they are necessary.

Annually 7000-7500 transfusions are held in the hospital and hemovigilance activities are held in proper with national guidelines. A hemovigilance nurse and a doctor who is the director of transfusion center  conduct these activities by controlling the transfusion records daily and investigating transfusion reactions regularly.