Pediatric Infectious Diseases Unit

Brief information about our clinic.

Pediatric Infectious Diseases Unit of BehcetUz Children’s Hospital cares for children with a variety of infections including childhood rash diseases, inflammatory and infectious diseases, health care associated infections, congenital infections, tuberculosis, infections in immunosuppressed children including hematological/oncological malignancies, acquired immunodeficiency virus (HIV), fever of unknown origin.   The unit is part of pediatric residency program and one of the units with pediatric infectious disease fellowship program.  The unit had one outpatient clinic and an inpatient service including 25 patient bed with 13 patient rooms. One single rooms and 12 double rooms are available in the inpatient service in which can be adapted to single bed room if required. All of the rooms in which children stay with their all-day visitors are equipped with WC and bathroom.