Chief of the Pediatric Neurology: Professor Dr. Aycan Ünalp

Chief intern: Associate Professor Dr. Ünsal Yılmaz,

Associated Professor Dr. Gülçin Akıncı,

Pediatric Neurologists;

Dr. Selvinaz Edizer

Dr.Pakize Karaoğlu,

Pediatric Neurology Fellowships;

Dr. Bahar Tokul Baysal

Dr.Serdar Sarıtaş

Dr.Serdar Pekuz

Dr. Yiğithan Acar

Dr. İsmail Kaytan

Pediatric neurology program was started in March 2014. Our clinic has 8-bed capacity service and we have 4 pediatric neurology policlinic room.  We have a neurophysiology laboratory consisting of 5 EEG and 2 EMG machine. Also we have newborn and premature services, also emergency and intensive care unit EEG machines too. In our division 28485 patients evaluated for EEG 40826 times and kranial MRI performed 104.587 patients since 2014.

We have 4 neurophysiology unit nurses, 2 service nurses and 1 auxiliary staff. In our service all kind of neurometabolic, neurodegenerative, neurodevelopmental and epileptic disorders could be training and treatening. Our Staff consisting of 1 professor, 2 associate professor, 2 specialist doctors, 5 fellow and 1 side branch assistant who have completed his training and appointed to other center.

In the polyclinics unit of our hospital, there are 4 pediatric neurology polyclinics. For the outpatient care of patients about developmental delay, epilepsy, serebral palsy, or ongoing neurological problems are examined in every day. Every day approximately 150 patients examining in our polyclinics.

 Ketogenic Diet Polyclinic

We have 1 ketogenic diet polyclinic. Two Pediatric Neurologist (Prof. Dr. Aycan Ünalp, Doç. Dr. Ünsal Yılmaz) are working in this space. We have experienced dietician (Dyt. Zeynep Akışın) as regards. Also 1 nurse angagement in this field.

Emergency Service

  If the patient's condition is nonstabilized  emergency service utilizing for the transfer to the appropriate unit. Other emergency referrals are accepted through the system by means of 112 with the mutual information between relevant institutions. The main patient group who are accepted to the emergency service of pediatric neurology clinic are the ones that have the epileptic disorders, santral nervous system diseases, cerebrovascular, demyelinating, motor neuron disorder.

Education and Research Activities

In our clinic training program, meetings are alternated topic and literature hour twice a week. Both pediatric neurology fellows and pediatry assistants make presentations twice a month, current scientific studies are evaluated once a week. The patients who are followed with other clinics are evaluating as consultation manner. In our clinic, lot of clinical studies and case reports are performed via poster/oral presentation. Some of them publicated in the literature of Turkey and the world. We are planning new national and intrenational colloborative research projects forthcoming years.

Some of the our interested diseases are below;


Neurodevelopmental disorders

Neurometabolic disorders

Nörodegenerative disorders

Miyastenia Gravis, Congenital miyastenias

Guillain-Barre syndrome and transverse myelitis


Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Serebrovascular disorders

Pseudotumor cerebri

Movement disorders (e.g. Corea, dystonia, ataxia)

Demyelinating disorders (Multiple sclerosis, neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders)