Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery Program

Dr. Behçet Uz Children's Hospital Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery Program

Pediatric cardiovascular surgery program was started in September 2010. Open heart surgeries are performed since April 2011. Our clinic has 12-bed capacity service and 4-bed capacity fully equipped intensive care unit. Since 2011, approximately 700 open-heart surgeries, 1500 closed-heart operations, 1500 newborns and vascular access attempts have been successfully applied to the pediatric patient. All kinds of pediatric cardiac and vascular surgery procedures “can be performed in the spectrum from the 1-day neonatal period up to 18 years of age. These procedures include ASD, VSD, tetralogy of Fallot, single ventricular pathologies, transposition of the great arteries, hypoplastic left heart syndrome, valve operations.  Closed heart surgeries include aortic coarctation, pulmonary artery banding, Blalock-Taussig shunt, PDA closure. Both groups also operated in our clinic has come to a successful position among Turkey's leading pediatric cardiac surgery centers.  Although established new terms of mortality and morbidity rates. Our Staff; 1 professor, 1 instructor associate professor, 2 specialist doctors and 2 side branch assistants who have completed their training and appointed to other centers. We have 12 nurses. There are three perfusionist (the specialist who runs the heart-lung machine, which must be used in open heart surgery). There are 1 operating room, 2 heart-lung machines, a full-fledged 1 ECMO machine, and 1 room providing outpatient services.

Our Goals and Services

1- First of all Turkey from serving No. 1 to the Children's Heart Surgery Center.

2- To reduce mortality and morbidity to zero.

3- To be the best center in the surgical treatment of congenital diseases in newborn and childhood.

4- Being the best in post-operative intensive care services in our country.

5- The number of cases per the year 1000 (Open and closed heart surgery) and over to remove.

6- Postoperative care by pediatric intensive care specialists and newborn specialists.

7- The establishment of HEART CENTER, together with the pediatric cardiology and providing a wider audience with the synergy developed within this process.

8- To become the leader in Turkey for treatment in grown-up congenital heart disease (congenital heart disease seen in adults ages).

9- To become a center of ECMO, assist device and HEART INSTITUTE OF CHILDREN'S HEART FAILURE.

10- To provide operating room support with anesthesiologists and surgical nurses who are specialized for pediatric cardiac anesthesia as a fixed team.

11- Transfer of knowledge and knowledge to the new generations with specialization training of lateral branch and cardiovascular surgery.

12- We are in close contact with the cardiac surgery team and we work as partners in Texas Children's Hospital and by offering the world-renowned surgeons by inviting them to our clinic and center.

3- To provide ECMO support for non-cardiac diseases in newborns and pediatric intensive care units (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation).