Clinics of infant and Toddler-1 is a clinic of pediatrics where patients between 1 month and 4 years old are hospitalized. Our clinic is a general pediatric unit with 15 beds in 6 rooms to provide follow up for patients that require hospitalization after initial assessment at pediatric emergency clinics, intensive care units and outpatient clinics. Our two rooms are used for patients who need to be isolated and serve with single beds. We also provide specialist training for general pediatrics. An associate professor of pediatrics, a specialist of pediatrics, 5 residents of pediatrics, 10 nurses and 5 assistant personnel, and 1 medical secretary have been working in our clinic. A specialist of pediatrics responsible for the patient clinics in our hospital,  a pediatric resident, two nurses are on duty for patient care between 16.30-8.00.

In our clinic, all procedures are provided with modern scientific approach in a baby and child friendly manner. Our residents are supposed to manage well-child care, basic childhood immunizations and illnesses, in addition to  complex medical conditions and chronic disorders. There are 3 monitors, 15 saturation and cardiac pulse devices, an ECG device, as well as an oxygen system in all rooms for patient care. In addition, the treatment of patients are provided with 12 nebulizers, 3 portable aspirators for respiratory tract infections when necessary. The average number of patients followed up in a year is 800. There is also general pediatric outpatient clinic affiliated with our clinic, and this unit provides services for approximately 8000 patients annually.